Circus Party Crafts

Circus Party Crafts
Do you have a crafty kid? Someone who enjoys creating and wants to share the fun with her friends? Involve them in every aspect of their birthday party for extra fun and enjoyment.

First figure out the theme of the party as that will set the stage for whatever crafts you choose to do.


You can easily plan a party with crafts for any theme that seems interesting to your child!


If you child is truly crafty they will want to be involved in everything to do with the party - the invitations, the decorations, the games, the crafts, the take homes and the thank you notes.

Circus Party Crafts
Have you child draw some circus items – elephant, tiger in cage, clown, and/or circus tent in color on the top half of a piece of computer paper layout portrait. Put the information -date, time place, etc. on the lower half of the page and then make color copies of the invitation.
Roll the invitation and tie with ribbon and then attach a helium filled balloon to the invitation and take you child around to her/his friends house to hand deliver the invitations.
If they are delivering them to friends at church or school, either fold and put in envelope with circus stickers to decorate the envelope or you can still roll and tie with ribbon for a balloon-less presentation.

Decorations and Games:
String streams from around the room up to the center of the ceiling to mimic the lines of a circus tent.
Make a game similar to Pin-the-tail-on the donkey. Use a large piece of poster board and let you child draw -or you can help them- a clown for pin-the-nose on the clown, or a tiger for pin-the-tail, or an elephant for pin-the-peanut on the elephants nose. Be sure to than make the clown nose, or the tiger tail or the peanuts for the game and gather a cloth for the blindfold

Crafts to do at the Party: -this can also be the take-home item instead of making goodie bags.
If you still want to send home goodie bags get some cute red striped paper bags and fill them with peanuts which is circus food!
Wooden light-switch covers make a fun craft – let them paint them with acrylic paints – color of their choice. Let them dry while eating. When they are dry they can decorate them with circus stickers or any other stickers that they like. When that is done they should cover them with a clear layer of modge-podge and let them dry again while the gifts are opened. They will be bright, shiny and colorful and make a nice addition to their bedrooms.

Cake and Food:
A cute circus themed cake can be created before the party with your child as your helper. You will need a cake mix, 2 round cake pans, frosting, animal crackers, straws and a paper plate.
Make the two layers of the cake, allow them to cool, then put one cake on the cake platter and frost that layer and then put the other cake on top and frost the whole cake. Put animal crackers all around the outside of the cake- stuck with frosting on the back of each animal. With the paper plate- cut a slit straight from the side into the exact center. Overlap it a bit and staple – this will be for the top of the cake that will look like a carousel when finished. Use a longer straw for the middle of the cake to hold up the top and shorter straws stuck into the cake to hold up the edges of the paper plate cone-shaped lid to the carousel. Involve your child, ask then for suggestions, allow them to do most of it themselves. Hot dogs and popcorn make good food for this type of party as this is something they might eat at the circus.

Thank You notes:
It is always nice to teach your child gratitude and train them to write thank you notes for any items received. It seems like many presents given at birthday parties are quite expensive, but it does not matter about the cost of the gift, whether they receive a coloring book and a box of crayons it is important to have them write a thank you note.
If you have some colorful papers have them fold it in fourths and write Thank-You on the front. You can have them decorate with circus themed stickers - or they could continue the theme by drawing their own designs - and on the inside they should write the note.

Modge-Podge is available at Amazon or your local craft store:

You can also get zoo animal shapes in wood for them to decorate if you want an additional craft:

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