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Yoga and Fast Fashion?
Our choices make a difference, good or bad, in the world.

Alterations and Variations of Surya Namaskar
We think of Sun Salutations as a fixed series, but the sequence can be altered to fit the needs of the present moment.

Hamsa, Ham Sa, and So Hum
Two unrelated concepts come together in a powerful way.

Yoga Nidra, Seated Meditation, and Anxiety
The studies proliferate: yogic techniques work!

Half Sun Salutations and Variations
Perhaps the simplest of sequences, Half Sun Salutations are useful in a variety of ways.

Yoga and Laundry
How do the precepts of yoga apply to chores? There's a question!

The Nature of Vritti
The "disturbances of the mind" may not be what we think they are!

Annamaya Kosha
Asana, and our bodily functions, are just the tip of the iceberg in yogic philosophy.

Parighasana, or Gate Pose
This is a side stretch done while standing on the knees.

Livestream vs. Pre-Recorded Classes
Do you attend studio classes online, or do you use streaming services? Here are some ideas to consider when deciding.

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